Software Usability Measurement Inventory


NB The information you provide is kept completely confidential and no information is stored on computer media that could identify you as a person.

This questionnaire has 50 statements. Please answer them all. After each statement there are three boxes.

  • Check the first box if you generally AGREE with the statement.
  • Check the middle box if you are UNDECIDED, or if the statement has no relevance to your software or to your situation.
  • Check the right box if you generally DISAGREE with the statement.

In checking the left or right box you are not necessarily indicating strong agreement or disagreement but just your general feeling most of the time.

There are also some general questions at the end.


What, in general, do you use this software for?

Statements 1 - 10 of 50.



This software responds too slowly to inputs.
I would recommend this software to my colleagues.
The instructions and prompts are helpful.
This software has at some time stopped unexpectedly.
Learning to operate this software initially is full of problems.
I sometimes don't know what to do next with this software.
I enjoy the time I spend using this software.
I find that the help information given by this software is not very useful.
If this software stops it is not easy to restart it.
It takes too long to learn the software functions.

Statements 11 - 20 of 50.



I sometimes wonder if I am using the right function.
Working with this software is satisfying.
The way that system information is presented is clear and understandable.
I feel safer if I use only a few familiar functions.
The software documentation is very informative.
This software seems to disrupt the way I normally like to arrange my work.
Working with this software is mentally stimulating.
There is never enough information on the screen when it's needed.
I feel in command of this software when I am using it.
I prefer to stick to the functions that I know best.

Statements 21 - 30 of 50.



I think this software is inconsistent.
I would not like to use this software every day.
I can understand and act on the information provided by this software.
This software is awkward when I want to do something which is not standard.
There is too much to read before you can use the software.
Tasks can be performed in a straight forward manner using this software.
Using this software is frustrating.
The software has helped me overcome any problems I have had in using it.
The speed of this software is fast enough.
I keep having to go back to look at the guides.

Statements 31 - 40 of 50.



It is obvious that user needs have been fully taken into consideration.
There have been times in using this software when I have felt quite tense.
The organisation of the menus seems quite logical.
The software allows the user to be economic of keystrokes.
Learning how to use new functions is difficult.
There are too many steps required to get something to work.
I think this software has sometimes given me a headache.
Error messages are not adequate.
It is easy to make the software do exactly what you want.
I will never learn to use all that is offered in this software.

Statements 41 - 50 of 50.



The software hasn't always done what I was expecting.
The software presents itself in a very attractive way.
Either the amount or quality of the help information varies across the system.
It is relatively easy to move from one part of a task to another.
It is easy to forget how to do things with this software.
This software occasionally behaves in a way which can't be understood.
This software is really very awkward.
It is easy to see at a glance what the options are at each stage.
Getting data files in and out of the system is not easy.
I have to look for assistance most times when I use this software.

How important for you is the kind of software you have just been rating?
Extremely important


Not very important

Not important at all

How would you rate your software skills and knowledge?
Very experienced and technical

I'm experienced but not technical

I can cope with most software

I find most software difficult to use

What do you think is the best aspect of this software, and why?

What do you think needs most improvement, and why?

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